New Year, New Blog

I know, I know. You’re probably all thinking new blog? You’ve written 4 posts. Believe me, I am well aware of how “crazy” it sounds but I thought the blog needed a little refreshing for the new year. During the upcoming year I plan to make Handcuffs, Heels, and Highchairs more of a priority. I plan on using it to tell stories about my everyday life, as an outlet to voice opinions, a showcase to new recipes, crafts, exciting news, and pictures. I intend to make this blog what I have pictured in my head – which is quite fancy if I do say so myself.

With that being said, I want to share my New Years Resolutions with all of you in hopes of actually sticking to them – posting them online gives me a sense of responsibility to stay committed.

– Be the absolute best wife and mama I can be to The Hubs and The Dude
– Get in shape. I will no longer be using the “I just can’t seem to lose all this baby weight” excuse. If I keep it up and I’ll be holding onto baby weight from pregnancy #1 when I start pregnancy #2.
– Save, save, save. This is a resolution for both The Hubs and myself. We both are unfortunately “spenders” so we are going into this new year with the mindset of savers. I plan on sharing our journey through that on here!
– Try out new recipes. I have a tendency to make the same things over and over because I know how they’ll turn out – stay tuned for that adventure.
– Learn to sew. I can’t sew a button on a pair of pants to save my life so this will be a stretch, but I’m confident that I can do it.
– Live my life to the fullest and enjoy every last second that I get with my two awesome guys! Love them both to pieces.

Please feel free to comment with any feedback, your own resolutions, or things you’d like to see on the blog. You can also find me here and here.

Can’t wait to spend 2014 with ya’ll!



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

That’s right folks, it’s almost Christmas!

As you may notice (or not if you don’t keep up with this blog) it’s been a while since I have posted anything – a month to be exact. Life got busy. We spent some time deep cleaning our humble abode, spending time with friends, celebrating upcoming births of precious babies, preparing for and hosting Thanksgiving at our home, and then we had to relax.

Now we’re in all out Christmas mode!

This year will be a few firsts for our little family

– Our first Christmas in a house and not an apartment
– Our first Christmas with The Dude
– My first real Christmas tree since I was 9 – my pediatrician told my mom I was allergic. I don’t believe him. Time to test the waters
– My very first time giving up all control of decorating that real tree. My husband did a wonderful job!

I am absolutely beyond excited to celebrate Christmas this year. I cannot wait to start new traditions as a family, I’ve actually got a couple things in mind already. Even though The Dude will only be six months old, you’re never too young to start a tradition! I plan on doing a Christmas Eve Box. If you haven’t seen this precious idea floating around on Pinterest where I get most all of my ideas, you’re missing out!   We will also be baking homemade chocolate chip cookies with red and green M&M’s to leave for Santa. The hubs thinks I’m nuts. That’s probably because he knows he’ll be the one that’s helping me with all of this fun stuff.

I’ll be trying out a recipe I found on Pinterest thanks to Creme De La Crumb, called Cinnamon Roll Dippers. You can find the recipe here

Breakfast isn’t generally my strongest skill so I’ll keep you all posted on how it went. I hope it turns out as awesome as it sounds! I’ll give you the full review, including awesome pictures taken with the iPhone. I’m not a very camera savvy person yet =)

– Amber 

Changes & Celebrations

Is it just me or is Fall really the most beautiful time of the year? I’m a Southern girl so I have to be honest and say that I’m not a cold weather or snow kind of person. Sure, it’s pretty but it’s also cold and wet. Fall is the perfect season. Not too hot, not too cold. Cute clothes without having to bundle up like an Eskimo, fun outdoor activities. It needs to be Fall year round.

With Fall comes celebrations aka my hubby’s birthday. He’s turning the big 27 this year. Last year we kept the whole birthday celebration low key and didn’t do much but this year is different. I personally believe that you should go all out for every birthday – it’s the most important holiday, the celebration of the day you were born. What’s more fun than an entire day about you?!

Moving on.

This year for the hubby’s birthday, I’m basically dedicating the entire weekend to him (with the exception of Friday when my mom, little dude, and I will be shopping and preparing for the birthday celebration). Saturday we will be having a date night without little dude – that hasn’t happened since before he made his grand entrance into the world so it’ll be a lot of fun for us to have adult conversation and not spend an hour and a half making noises and faces trying to keep him entertained. Sunday we will be having what I like to call “Dude Day” This is an entire day where we do nothing but dude things.. I’m taking Bass Pro Shop, burger joints, Dicks Sporting goods, more hunting gear than I can stand – he names it and we’re doing it. After all of that excitement, we’ll be coming home and having dinner with my family and having a little celebration of him.

On to more exciting news….

LITTLE DUDE IS NOW ROLLING OVER! Yes, that’s right folks. He rolled over on Saturday this past weekend. You would think that new skill would’ve excited him or made him want to do it again. Instead he cried for the next thirty minutes and hasn’t attempted it since. Guess he doesn’t amuse himself.

But for everyone else’s amusement, here are some pretty adorable pictures of him!

Oh hey! Who's that handsome baby?

Oh hey! Who’s that handsome baby?

Showing off his multiple chins!

Showing off his multiple chins!

What are we looking at Mom?

What are we looking at Mom?

Hey ladies =)

Hey ladies =)

Fist. Breakfast of champions.

Fist. Breakfast of champions.


It’s finally Fall in Georgia!

It finally is starting to feel like Fall around here! It’s about time! Just two weekends ago the hubby, little man, and I went apple picking and I was sweating wearing jeans and a tshirt.


Thankfully, it has really started to look and feel more like fall this week. Temperatures are slowly getting cooler and the leaves are changing. It’s my absolute favorite time of year for many reasons, but here are some of my favorites.

pumpkin spice lattes (yeah, i’m one of those obsessed people)
apple picking
pumpkin patches
cuter clothes – think jeans, boots, scarves
Halloween & Thanksgiving
Heated blankets on the bed (I get cold really easily)

I love this weather. It’s perfect for practically everything. We had little man’s three month pictures taken last weekend in the park with all of the pretty trees and leaves – that was an adventure – pictures will be posted soon. We got to also enjoy lots of time outside walking around, window shopping, and just spending time together. When you’re married to a cop, time together can be very scarce so you take it when you can!

This weekend will also be packed full of fun fall activities. Halloween parties, birthday parties at pumpkin patches, and lots of football! 

I’m terrible at taking pictures with anything but my iPhone but I promise that there will be lots from all the adventures and they will be posted for your viewing pleasure! 

Time to hit the hay and get ready for the last workday of the week!



Hi! I’m new here!

This is my first blog post. Ever.

I have to be honest with you, this is slightly intimidating. I love blogs. Well, I love to read other people’s blogs but after reading all these adorable blogs where these awesome women are posting about the ins and outs of their daily lives, I figured I should give it a shot! Someone has to find me interesting, right? 

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Amber. I’m twenty three years old and was born and raised in Georgia. I met my husband in November 2011, we were married a year later on December 13, 2012 and welcomed our precious little boy on July 19, 2013. We’ve had a busy couple of years. I am obsessed with coffee and should be hooked up to a caffeine drip 24/7. I love all reality tv shows and anything on The Food Network. You’ll find my Pinterest boards filled with recipes, crafts, and random things I find interesting. I love to talk so I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say here.

I wanted to start this blog as a way to keep up with our daily lives and have a way to keep track of all the milestones and memories we are experiencing as a new family.

Give me some feedback – What were some things you did when starting out with your blog and how did you connect with people?