The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

That’s right folks, it’s almost Christmas!

As you may notice (or not if you don’t keep up with this blog) it’s been a while since I have posted anything – a month to be exact. Life got busy. We spent some time deep cleaning our humble abode, spending time with friends, celebrating upcoming births of precious babies, preparing for and hosting Thanksgiving at our home, and then we had to relax.

Now we’re in all out Christmas mode!

This year will be a few firsts for our little family

– Our first Christmas in a house and not an apartment
– Our first Christmas with The Dude
– My first real Christmas tree since I was 9 – my pediatrician told my mom I was allergic. I don’t believe him. Time to test the waters
– My very first time giving up all control of decorating that real tree. My husband did a wonderful job!

I am absolutely beyond excited to celebrate Christmas this year. I cannot wait to start new traditions as a family, I’ve actually got a couple things in mind already. Even though The Dude will only be six months old, you’re never too young to start a tradition! I plan on doing a Christmas Eve Box. If you haven’t seen this precious idea floating around on Pinterest where I get most all of my ideas, you’re missing out!   We will also be baking homemade chocolate chip cookies with red and green M&M’s to leave for Santa. The hubs thinks I’m nuts. That’s probably because he knows he’ll be the one that’s helping me with all of this fun stuff.

I’ll be trying out a recipe I found on Pinterest thanks to Creme De La Crumb, called Cinnamon Roll Dippers. You can find the recipe here

Breakfast isn’t generally my strongest skill so I’ll keep you all posted on how it went. I hope it turns out as awesome as it sounds! I’ll give you the full review, including awesome pictures taken with the iPhone. I’m not a very camera savvy person yet =)

– Amber